Host a Workshop

You can host a Patt & Possum workshop in your home or other location. Patt & I love doing workshops in conjunction with playing a dance or when convenient during one of many musical excursions. In general you’d need 10 participants to make it happen. We’ve worked with up to 25 in a single workshop!

The video below should give you a good idea of we proceed during a workshop. This one was presented during our performance at the Squirrel Moon Dance weekend at Folklore Village in Wisconsin in September 2017.

In addition to fiddle & mandolin, other traditional melody or accompaniment instruments can participate. In the past we’ve welcomed banjos (yes, even banjos), guitars, accordions, whistles, flutes, and piano keyboards. Patt often will coach accompanists while Charlie is teaching the melody.

Typically the cost is $50 person, although we often allow a sliding scale or discount for students, seniors and for multiple folks attending from a single household. The workshops typically last two hours with a break for refreshments halfway through.

The host attends without charge of course and at their discretion I offer them 15% of the door. In return the host provides space with chairs, organizes refreshments (like snack, drinks or a potluck even), handles local publicity.

Make a day of it by hosting a workshop followed by a jam session & potluck followed by a Patt & Possum house concert or dance.

For more info email