Fiddle for Duffers

Welcome to Fiddle for Duffers. Below you’ll find links to all the lessons on YouTube and any associated materials to accompany each lesson.

Thinking about taking up the fiddle? Maybe you’ve been noodling along and not making as much progress as you’d. Or perhaps you’ve been playing awhile and would like to learn a new tune or brush up on fundamentals.

If any of these is the case you’ll want to tune in every Tuesday morning at 11:00 AM Central Time (USA) for an informal, easy-going half-hour session designed especially for the aspiring fiddle player. I’ll cover all the basics and we’ll learn some accessible (easy, that is) tunes that will get you playing in no time.

The live sessions are free. If you’d like to review the lesson afterwards everything is then archived at

Fiddle for Duffers – Lesson #1